Keep it natural. 

Lash lifts, or lash perms, are a service in which a chemical solution is applied to your lashes to keep them curled. Afterward, you'll have lifted lashes without a lash curler or waterproof mascara.


How it works

Lash lifts are the curling and tinting of your natural lashes. Lash lifts are a great alternative from eyelash extensions for clients who have sensitivities,or are wanting something low maintenance with results lasting 8-10 weeks. The process starts with measuring your natural lash length and using a silicon rod that is the appropriate size to give you the perfect lash curl. Your lashes are secured on the rod with a gentle adhesive. Next a 2 step solution system is set on your lashes for about 20 minutes. The silicon rods are removed with warm water, and a the tint is applied. Leaving you with perfectly curled and dark lashes.


Lash Lift:  $70
Lash Lift and Eyelash Tint:  $85
Eyelash Tint:  $20
Brow Tint:  $25
Lash and Brow Tint:  $40




I’m beyond happy.

“I have blonde hair so the day to day upkeep with curling and mascara gets old. After this service, I'm beyond happy.“

— Kristina M.

Shaved time off my routine.

“This has shaved 20 minutes off my glam routine and made me so much more confident with a bare face. It’s a natural look and I no longer have use for mascara or a curler.”

— Jordyn O.

Stick straight lashes no more!

“I have stick straight lashes and they point downward and some upward. It was maddening! Now they’re naturally curled upwards and uniform. Simply lovely!”

— Betty R.


Before/After Photos