Pump up the volume.

Volume lash extensions are the way to a more dramatic and glamorous look. If you’re wanting more than a “natural” look, these will add significant volume and give you that extra “oomph”. We can also meet you halfway and mix some volume lashes with your classic lash extensions.


How it works

Unlike classic lash extensions where a single extension is adhered to a single lash, we offer 3D, 4D and 5D volume lash extensions. This technique allows us to attach multiple thinner lashes to a single lash.


Full set:  $250 (approximately 2 hours)

Upgrade fill:  $25 (Volume add-in to your regular classic lash fill totalling $85)

Standard Fills:  $95 (within 2-4 weeks of last visit)




I never want “natural” lashes.

“They are the BEST! I've been going here for years, but went to several places before. I never want "natural" looking lashes...that's kind of not the point, right?”  

— Suzy L.

Even with my puny lashes…

“… they were able to make them look insanely full. I’m cursed with short, thin, sparse lashes that point downwards. Other lash studios had trouble with my lashes, but not here. The ladies at Lash’d Out leave me walking out with a full flutter every time! I’m never going anywhere else.”

— Connie D.


“My boyfriend says they’re my weapons of mass seduction.”

— J.Y.



Go GLAM and get these luxurious lashes!